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The continent of Africa is vast and the countries are many.  Earthen Vessels has begun our journey to show God's love to the people of Africa in the countries of Malawi and Tanzania.  What are your passions?  Helping orphans?  Evangelism and church planting?  Perhaps you just want to see people have opportunities to develop and sustain themselves?  Please keep reading and you will learn more about all these things that are happening right now!  And don't forget--if you are interested in being part of a team that travels to one of these countries, let us know by clicking here.

Earthen Vessel Projects in the 'Warm Heart of Africa', the country of Malawi

Orphan Care Programs:

Over the past three years, we have partnered with an amazing woman named Efrida.  Efrida along with a team of volunteers have cared for young orphans by providing them with a meal and some basic schooling.  The age group that Efrida cares for are from very young toddlers to approximately 6 years of age.  Efrida cares for over 200 children.   There is always a need for food and maintenance of the classrooms and kitchen.      

Church Planting Project:

For $20, you can purchase a sheet of metal roof to partner with church members to roof their church.  Dozens of churches have been planted in the villages surrounding Balaka and in other villages well beyond Balaka.  As soon as many of these churches are built, they are filled to capacity with people!  The most expensive part of a church building is the roof.  Given the cost, most of the church roofs are first constructed with grass and straw as opposed to sheet metal. Earthen Vessels has challenged the congregation members of the church plants to continue to work together to raise the funds necessary to purchase sheet metal.  In return for their hard work and commitment, we have agreed that for every piece of sheet metal purchased by the congregation, Earthen Vessels will provide funds to purchase 3 pieces of sheet metal ($60).  Would you consider partnering with us to raise the funds necessary to meet our challenge?  It is a wonderful way for you to partner with a powerful evangelistic ministry that is bringing people by the hundreds to know Jesus Christ!  

Community Development and Income Generating Opportunities:

For $250, a hand powered grinding machine will be delivered to a Community Development Group to allow them to develop Income Generating Opportunities.   We are partnering with Compatible Technology International (CTI), a nonprofit located in St. Paul that has been working for 30 years helping people with the post-harvest through hand operated machines.  The hand operated grinding machines grind everything from maize, soybeans, millet, spices and groundnuts (peanuts).  Would you consider partnering with us to raise the funds necessary to provide the hand operated grinding machines to the Community Development groups that are waiting for them?  There are groups in Malawi and Tanzania, you can indicate which country or Community Development Group you would like to assist.  

Projects - Travel Involved     

Malawi & Tanzania_2014
Meeting with pastors and community leaders in the Balaka, Malawi area and also in Tanzania, in the Masaai area near Arusha to identify with the community leaders the projects that Earthen Vessels will adopt.

TBD - Future trips are still being identified and will be posted once finalized. 

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